Under the shifting shadows of the palms, a boy and a girl become friends ... then fate deals them a savage blow ...

Gnalam, the estate foreman's gifted and determined daughter, is expected to enhance her family's status through a good marriage. Happy-go-lucky Saravanan can't wait to join his parents as an estate worker. But with shocking suddenness the workers along with their families are evicted from the plantation and forced into squatter camps.

The frustrations of Gnalam's embittered father drive her to persue her studies and win a place at university. However, her old friend Saravanan, barely educated, drifts into a life of crime and violence.

Both remain worlds apart ... until, years later, Saravanan joins Gnalam's campaign to better the lives of plantation workers. Will his past destroy her aspirations - or will their bond, formed beneath the palm fronds, triumph?


Shadow Beneath the Fronds

Shadow Beneath the Fronds Cover
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