Just a note to let you all know that The Secrets of the Sakura Girls will now be published this coming March.

It is Singapore in 1870 and Aoki is a karayuki-san. Aged fifteen, Aoki was sold by her father and shipped to Singapore from Japan, where she was bought into the world of prostitution. In a chance encounter with Reverend Harry Gilmore and his nine-year-old son Rupert from England, she finds herself drawn to their domicile life. Indomitable, empathetic and resolute, she is determined to break free of her life of prostitution and live the life she has always dreamt of.

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The Brigadier’s Daughter

The Book of Love


...a beautifully written love story . . . haunting and moving . . . and the characters and their fates will remain with the reader.


...easy reading; each chapter rousing enough curiosity to spur readers . . . fervently wondering if the star-crossed couple would find their happily-ever-after . . . you simply must read The Brigadier’s Daughter.

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shadow beneath the fronds & dulang washer covers

Posted by Paul Callan Author on Friday, 15 October 2021

Reviews of Paul Callan's other novels

'Paul Callan is marvellous at old-fashioned storytelling.'

Author and Literary Critic

'It's two thumbs up for Callan's The Dulang Washer, his first novel and hopefully not his last! It is a must-read ... [it] is steeped in tradition with hints of modernity. It is this skiful combination of the two facets which sets the book apart from other novels of its kind.'

The Star

'Callan's in-depth research into the customs of the locals and his vivid descriptions transport the reader into the thick of things easily and once drawn into the story, it's hard to put the book down. ... [It] is definitely a page-turner.'

The Sun Daily

'Callan successfully calls to mind vivid images of tin mines in the late 19th century ... allowing one to truly dive into the minds and emotions of the characters and understand the conflicts and situations they faced.'

August Man

'The Dulang Washer kept me engrossed for seven hours straight.'

Malaysia Tatler
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